Instant Download Digital Images

Instant Download Digital Images

What Are 1M Signs Instant Download Digital Images?

1M Signs offers digital art work for download. So what are Instant Downloads?  Well all that means is once your purchase an SVG image, PNG Image or any other digital image from our website, the website will automate the download upon the payment being recognised as processed.  It does not require 1M Signs to approve an order, therefore, you can purchase any item on our store and expect upon payment processing that your item will be available for download.

How do you download a Digital Image after purchase from 1M Signs?

With 1M Signs you will have a couple of options to download your image.  To make it easy, we provide a clickable link at checkout that makes downloading your digital image easy.  We also provide an email with a link that provides another option for you to download your file.

What do I receive with a Digital Image Download?

The product description will advise the exact number of files you should expect with your download.  Please note all these files get "zipped" into 1 file.  Basically, we compress the files you have purchased into 1 manageable download file with the extension ".zip"  you will then be able to unzip the file using free software like winzip or winrar to access the files you have purchased.

Typically you will receive 1 x SVG image, 1 x PNG Image, 1 x JPG image and 1 x PDF image.

I have started a series of blogs that explains the basics of each type of image if you want to check that out.

What do I do once I download and unzip my design?

Firstly I recommend you back up your files in the event you try to modify them and you need to go back to the original files and start again.  It is also good practice in the event you misplace or accidentally delete your files.

Many of our designs are used for:

1. Clothing;

2. Wooden signs or crosses;

3. Canvas or other artwork;

4.  Gifting for personal use;

5.  Commercial use logos;

6.  Print on demand stores like Printful, Printify or Gelato

7. Car decals

8. Stickers

9.  Silhouette Cameo or Cricut cutting machines

There are so many uses for all our downloads it is just so hard to summarise them, the sky is the limit really.


We really hope this assists you on the process and some of the uses of our digital images.  If you need to know more information on any of our range of designs, please contact us through the website.


We are always happy to help or take suggestions.

Have a great day

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