Support Local Business

support local business
Every small business wants to succeed and leave a lasting impression on its customers.  Every one of our 3.5 million small businesses in Australia have started from bravery, determination and an idea to give the community what they are looking for.  For a small business to succeed and thrive, it needs to have the support and commitment from its community.  In turn, the business will strive to give customers a personalised experience and aim to rectify any problems in a timely manner.  The trust and loyalty of this relationship cannot be compared with buying from a foreign supplier.  Buying Australian products, made right here in our own backyard means that you are supporting your community - your neighbours.  Spending money on small and local businesses means you are helping to stimulate the local economy and keep business booming in your own local area. Small businesses contribute to a third of our economic activity.  You are also helping to create and retain valuable jobs, supporting families and strengthening the feeling of ‘community and culture’. 
For more inspiration and reasons to shop locally and support small business check out the ‘Go Local First’ campaign ( developed by the Australian Government.
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