About Us

We are a Sydney based family business who started off making beautiful handcrafted wooden signs and crosses. 

 The popularity of our designs lead to an influx of requests to buy digital versions of our designs for personal and commercial works.  Something we really did not expect but are very grateful for.

 Whilst digital designs have become a big part of our store, we still have many requests for handmade wooden crosses and signs.  Our website now has our full range of digital and handmade products.  

We hope you enjoy our creations and are always open to suggestions.  We still customise works, so whether it is a tweak or two to a current design or a new idea, you can talk to us about creating a custom digital design or handmade product for you.

We are happy and proud to have served over 1500 happy customers in our first year of operation both in Australia and abroad.  We hope we can serve you!

 1M Signs