SVG Image Basics

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SVG Image basics

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.  The exact definition is beyond my comprehension and repeating it here would just make me look smarter than I really am :).  For those who are interested this link will give you all the detailed definition on an SVG file and the all the background information.  

The great thing about SVG's generally is they are scalable without loss of quality.  

For example many digital images in JPEG format when scaled (i.e. made bigger in this case) generally start to get pixelated and blurry, SVG's maintain their quality, sharpness and look.   Another great advantage of an SVG Image is they are a relatively small file size as compared with alternative image formats.

So why SVG?

As you may notice, 1M Signs offers its designs in 4 formats:

  1. SVG image;
  2. PNG Image;
  3. JPG or JPEG Image; and
  4. PDF image.

Future blogs will address items 2, 3 and 4, today we will talk about the main purpose of SVG images for us and other uses for SVG images.  SVG's are generally great for:

  • Charts;
  • Graphics and images that are 2 dimensional;
  • all things 1M Signs :)
  • Cut files; and
  • Print files.

We use SVG images as they allows our users maximum flexibility depending on the design and its intended use.  For example, the SVG Image used as part of this blog "As for me and my House, we will Serve the Lord"  from Joshua 24:15 can be used for a canvas art or a wooden farmhouse sign as an example.  Some customers may want the sign to be 300mm x 600mm some may want it to be 600mm x 1200mm, with an SVG file and its infinite scalability, all users are able to scale the file to their liking without loss of quality.

Examples of who uses 1M Signs SVG Images?

We use SVG files for all our digital images for many of our woodworking projects.  1M Signs started as a handmade wooden sign and cross maker.  We created a digital design and used the SVG image in our vinyl cutter (Silhouette Cameo 4).  This adhesive vinyl would then be carefully adhered to the the finished product.

  Handmade wooden crosses and signs

Adhesive vinyl has so many uses, whether it be crosses and wooden signs or direct stick to walls there are so many wonderful and creative uses.

So, who uses SVG images and in particular our SVG images:

  1. Woodworkers and DIYer's;
  2. Professional and home crafters and decorators;
  3. Silhouette Cameo and Cricut users (not limited to) use our SVG Images as cut files; and
  4. Digital designers for illustrations, icons; animations etc.

SVG Software:

The sky is the limit when it comes to software but here are some of the programs (some of which I utilise regularly) used in association with SVG images:

  1. Adobe Illustrator;
  2. Inskcape (free at the time of this blog publish date);
  3. Silhouette Studio;
  4. Cricut Space.


 We love SVG images predominantly for their:

  • Infinite scalability without loss of quality;
  • Small file size;
  • Flexibility in its uses; and
  • Programs are easily accessible to view, create and edit.

We hope this very basic overview of SVG images is of some assistance to you.  Of course, if you have any queries regarding our files, please contact us.

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